About Us

Our Story

Hi! I am Andrea McTaggart, owner of The Beehive Boutique. I am a busy mom of two and friend who loves to celebrate all things, big and small! I was born and raised in Nebraska and I am excited to grow my business here in Lincoln, as well as online, for women of all ages and styles.

We got our name from a close group of friends, my own beehive, made up of strong, independent, hilarious, and super supportive women I am so lucky to have. The Beehive Boutique started with that in mind, a celebration of girlfriends as we cheer each other on through the highs and lows...in cute clothes of course. 😊

We hope you will find something in our store that make you smile and feel confident. We are so glad you are here and part of our hive! 

XO, Andrea